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View of Outdoor Solutions, Wileville, Nova Scotia

Outdoor Solutions, Wileville, Nova Scotia

Let me introduce myself. I am Allan Hubley, owner/operator of Outdoor Solutions, in Wileville, Nova Scotia.

For decades, and still today, my main focus is building pull behind trailers for ATVs and compact tractors. Here is some background on my trailer building business.

In the beginning …

In 1996, a neighbor tried continuously to convince me to build a logging trailer for behind his ATV. I put him off for about six months before I started thinking about it. I decided that if I were to build this trailer, I would have to commit to building more than one because in order to get the steel required at a reasonable price, I would have to consider buying quantity. I decided to build five of these logging trailers and ordered the material.

By the time I had the first one built, my customer had all kinds of people lined up to take a look at it. When the trailer was delivered to the customer several of his friends were there to witness the test run. As a result, I got orders for four or five more.

That was the start of my "career" in trailer manufacturing.

Since then, I have built, every variation of trailers for ATVs you can imagine, which includes all types of trailers for behind the ATV, as well as highway trailers to haul the ATV. I’ve even built various implements for ATVs including snowplows, grading blades, skidders, bumpers.

There were also many utility trailers on the road that I would recognize as my handiwork as well.

I no longer build highway utility trailers because now there are many trailer dealers offering good quality, reasonably priced units that it is harder to compete, unless someone has a special need.

I’ve done a lot of projects for customers who had a particular need but couldn’t find a product that would serve that need, so we put our heads together and came up with a solution.

Over time, I gained the reputation of building trailers that looked like they were done in a factory, because I prided myself in building cosmetically, durable, and user friendly equipment. My trailers can be found anywhere from Yarmouth to Sydney, and even some in New Brunswick.

In 2007, I decided I wanted to scale back on the manufacturing and concentrate more on retail. After much searching for the right trailer, I settled on ATV Wagons® by Bosski out of Idaho. I brought in this line of trailers and was the sole Distributor for Atlantic Canada.

These are a line of high quality, durable pull behind trailers for ATVs and UTVs. However, snce 2015, the low Canadian dollar has made it difficult to import these trailers and still be profitable.

Today …

Outdoor Solutions Workshop - ATV trailers, RV wheel chock fabrication

Workshop for Outdoor Solutions

Even while selling ATV Wagons®, I still found myself building my own assortment of trailers to sell. Around 2011, 2012, the demand for logging trailers began dropping off. So, I shifted toward fabrication of a tandem, walking beam, box trailer in place of the logging trailer.

Now, I concentrate on two models of pull behind trailers, a single axle galvanized woods trailer, and a tandem (walking beam) trailer.

Allan Hubley at Ultimate Wheel Chock trade show booth

Allan at Ultimate Wheel Chock trade show booth

My latest conquest is a wheel chock for RVs, I call it "The Ultimate Wheel Chock". How did that come about?

In 2016, a customer approached me with an issue of movement inside his RV. Try as he might, using various types of blocks and wheel chocks available to him, he was not able to minimize the movement. He asked me if I could do something about it.

After researching what was available on the internet, I came up with an option for him to try. After a couple of modifications, he was so impressed with it, I decided to offer it to the public. It has patent pending status at the moment and in its first year of production. One more thing to be excited about!

To summarize, my main work is building and selling the Galvanized Single Axle Woods Trailer, the Tandem Woods Trailer, the Ultimate Wheel Chock, and servicing ATV Wagons. I also welcome custom orders and requests to find solutions that just don’t exist yet.

Allan Hubley