ATV & RV Accessories

I design and build accessories for ATVs and RVs:

I also carry a variety of supplies and parts for ATV pull behind trailers, plus fabrication supplies such as steel.

If you are looking for something specific, give me a call. I may be able to supply, or even build, what you need.

  • Walking Beam Assembly with HSS with closed, beveled ends
    Walking Beam Assembly with closed, beveled ends
  • Left and right wheels move up & down independently
    Left and right wheels move up & down independently
  • Closeup view of walking beam assembly
    Closeup view of walking beam assembly
  • Showing bolt that holds pivot in position
    Showing bolt that holds pivot in position
  • Crossbeam connecting walking beam pivots (crossbeam not included)
    Crossbeam (not included) connecting walking beam pivots
  • Closeup showing cross beam welded to walking beam
    Closeup showing crossbeam welded to walking beam pivots
  • Walking beam assembly packed for shipping
    Walking beam assembly packed for shipping

Walking Beam Assembly

Build a walking beam trailer using my walking beam assembly.

The design allows you to build the trailer any width you want. The beams can accommodate up to 24” diameter tires. The pivot is half way between the spindles and in line with the spindles.

You make up the crossbeam yourself. The cross beam can be 1-1/2” x 3” x 3/16”, or 2” x 3” x 3/16” HSS. The walking beam pivots get welded to the cross beam to complete the assembly.

The walking beams are 1 ½" x 3 x 3/16" HSS with closed, beveled ends. The axles are 1 ½" cold rolled round bar inside 1 ½" sch 80 pipe, fitted with a grease nipple.

What you need to do:

  • weld spindles in place. Can be used with car spindles OR Princess Auto type spindles with a 1 ½" stub shaft OR buy my assembly with trailer spindles
  • Decide what length the cross beam should be to suit your application and weld it in place making sure the walking beams are parallel.
  • build the box
  • build and attach the tongue


  • Walking Beam Assembly, without spindles
    • $325.00 + HST, shipped anywhere in Canada
    • $250.00 + HST, local pickup only
  • Walking Beam Assembly, with 4 or 5 bolt trailer spindles
    • $635.00 + HST, shipped anywhere in Canada
    • $520.00 + HST, local pickup only

  • rv-step-buddy-installed
    RV Step Buddy installed under first step of RV
  • rv-step-buddy-installed-side-view
    Side view of RV Step Buddy under first tread
  • rv-step-buddy-front-view
    RV Step Buddy with raised base for uneven ground
  • rv-step-buddy-closeup
    Closeup showing RV Step Buddy
  • rv-step-buddy-extended
    Extended to full height of RV Step Buddy
  • rv-step-buddy-folded-ready-to-box
    RV Step Buddy posts folded, ready to be boxed
  • rv-step-buddy-boxed
    Compact box ready for shipping or storage

RV Step Buddy

The RV Step Buddy stabilizes your RV's bottom step, ensuring steady access to your RV. The standard RV folding step system, with its many linkages, tends to move when you put your weight on it. Resulting in a wobbly first step.

The RV Step Buddy is positioned on the ground under the front of the bottom step. When it is adjusted properly, there should be virtually no movement when you stand on the bottom step.

The range of adjustment is from 5" to 11.5". The base is raised in the center to allow for uneven ground under the step. The RV Step Buddy posts fold down for compact storage.

Easy to install! No tools are required to set up the RV Step Buddy.

What you need to do:

  • Place the unit in front of the bottom step.
  • Raise the outer sleeve to the second position if there is room to do so.
  • Place the unit under the front of the bottom step.
  • Turn each post until you have equal pressure on both sides.


$45 + HST

ATV Accessories

Wheel (tire and rim) for trailer

Wheels (Tire & Rim)

Tire and rim assembly is available as replacement or for building your own trailer.

It works great in rough terrain or on soft ground.


  • 22" x 11" tire on an 8" rim
  • low pressure tire has a 4-ply wall rating (for great flexibility and durability)


$120.00 each + HST *

* Pricing subject to change based on material costs.

Trailer Spindles

Spindle Assemblies

Want to build your own trailer? These spindle assemblies are ideal.


  • rated at 2000 lb
  • available in both 4 and 5 bolt stud patterns.
    • 4 bolt on 4" centers, and 5 bolt on 4-1/2" centers, with a 1 ½" stub shaft
    • The distance from hub face to end of shaft is 6 ½"


$55.00 each + HST

Steel square tubes, pipes, flat bar, angle


Stocking various types of steel including pipe, square tube, angle, flat bar, etc. Buy only the quantities you want, or have the various selections cut to size.

Will do partial fabrications on request.

To give you the best price, I need to quote at time of order because steel prices fluctuate often.

To order, call Allan: 902-521-7592 or email: Allan Hubley, Outdoor Solutions

We can discuss your order, and make arrangements for delivery.

Terms: Cash, credit card, and e-transfer accepted. No refunds on custom work.