Remote Controlled Jockey Wheel

The New Optitec V3 Wireless Remote Controlled Wheel

The easiest way to shift your RV, boat trailer or any other type of trailer is with the Optitec V3 Remote Control Jockey Wheel.

Simply clamp it to the tongue frame, plug in the 12-volt power and just press the wireless remote control buttons.

Optitec v3 Remote Controlled Jockey Wheel (Tug wheel)

Optitec v3 Remote Controlled Jockey Wheel

Optitec Jockey Wheel - Rugged and Easy to Use

With the ability to accurately manoeuvre and turn some of the largest tandem axle RVs in their own length, there’s so much that this powerful machine can do for you. The Optitec V3 is completely portable weighing only 22 kilograms and it can support a tow ball weight of 350 kilograms.

Australian designed, it has full overload and over-temperature protection for your peace of mind. With all steel gears, built-in dynamic braking and a specially designed solid rubber tire on an alloy wheel, this versatile machine is simple to operate with complete safety. The new Optitec V3 model can easily move vans and boat trailers of 3,500 kilogram.

This product is now warehoused and shipped from Outdoor Solutions in Nova Scotia.

For more information, videos, about the Wireless Remote Controlled Jockey Wheel, see and, read the FAQS.


At just $2,499.00 plus tax, this price includes Clamp, Anderson Plug, and shipping anywhere in Canada.

Note: when ordering, we will need to know the dimensions of the frame where the Clamp will be mounted. This will ensure you get the Clamp that fits your application.

Optitec V3 Remote Control

Remote Control

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